More than just a fresh coat of paint. We offer real improvements that add value to your property—in a timely manner and with care.



We understand the high cost involved with renovations and believe in doing it once and doing right. A carefully installed plumbing and heating system is the key to a well operating and functional building. Many people have horror stories about a renovation that is just completed and the plumbing and heating systems are worse off than before. At Mr. Plumber, we've been doing plumbing and heating renovations for over 32 years. We have seen it all—and repaired it.


Commercial contracting requires a different approach than residential renovations. Whether its replacing a rooftop unit, upgrading a boiler, re-outfitting a public restroom, and any other mechanical upgrade to your business—Mr. Plumber has you covered.

We want you to worry about your staff and customers and leave the heavy lifting to us. We can help you find cost saving measures and ways to reduce the amount of maintenance and labour needed during your day to day operations.


Mr. Plumber has both the experience and trained plumbing and heating technicians needed to handle any sized renovation project. We can offer help at every stage of a home or business renovation project, from the initial design and engineering stages to appliance and fixture selection, and from purchasing to final installation.

All of our plumbing work is fully guaranteed and will be held to the highest standards of quality in the plumbing industry. This approach is why we have become Prince Albert’s top choice for residential and commercial plumbing renovations.


Mr. Plumber has helped to create some of Prince Albert's most stylish, functional, and luxurious kitchens and bathrooms. We are leaders in bringing renovation innovations to Saskatchewan and have tested the latest tech to ensure that it's the right fit for your home or business application.

Give us a call to learn more about the latest trends and advancements in plumbing, heating and overall home comfort and efficiency. If there is a new device or technology you've found on Pinterest or Instagram that you are interested in, please let us know. We're always looking to help our community access the latest and greatest.

Kitchen Renovations
in Prince Albert & Area

Mr. Plumber provides plumbing installation and repair service for residential and commercial kitchens. We can help you select the perfect plumbing fixtures for your kitchen and provide installation and repair services for sinks, drains, garbarators, dishwashers and fridges.

We also provide a full range of gas fitting services for stoves, ranges, ovens, heaters and BBQ’s. Give us a call and your kitchen renovation will be *chef's kiss*.

Bathroom Renovations
in Prince Albert & Area

Mr. Plumber provides plumbing and venting installation and repair service for residential and commercial bathrooms. We can help you select the perfect plumbing fixtures for your bathroom and provide installation and repair services for sinks, drains, basins, bath tubs, showers, washlets, bidets, and urinals.

We also provide a full range of gas fitting and select electrical services for water heaters. Book Mr. Plumber for your bathroom renovation and we'll help you create that perfect spa-like bathroom of your dreams.

Mechanical and
HVAC Upgrades
& Renovations

Mechanical and HVAC
Upgrades & Renovations

Modernize and future-proof your home or business with practical and comfortable updates like radiant floor heating, heat recovery ventilation and energy efficient appliances. These investments provide invisible improvements during your renovation but their effects will be instantly felt.

Stay warm and cozy in the cold Saskatchewan winters and reduce your energy consumption while having a perfect oasis year round—for less than you think. That's the power of today's advancements in HVAC technologies. Mr. Plumber is Prince Albert's renovation go-to.

Don't feel drained by back-ups or obstructions. We have the tools and training to unblock and repair clogged or damaged lines.

Our technicians want everyone in Prince Albert to stay cool and feel refreshed. We keep your A/C system maintained and temperatures right.