Don't feel drained by back-ups or obstructions. We have the tools and training to unblock and repair clogged or damaged lines. 



Do you have a clogged or slow draining sink? When you drain the basin does it come up in the tub or shower? Did you go down stairs to find the floor drain has backed-up? There is nothing worse than finding a clogged drain with water pooling on the floor. Mr. Plumber is fully prepared to deal with any sewer or drainage issue you might have. From tree roots to regular blockages, we do it all.

Drain Line
Video Service

We also offer a sewer and drain line video service to check and identify if all sewer and drain lines are good and ready for many years of service and to identify those that are causing ongoing blockages. This can reduce the high cost of repair by locating the exact location of the problem and only having to open or excavate the areas needed to repair or replace the damaged pipes.

& Installation

The most common issue we come across is tree roots intersecting with drainage systems and causing damage—especially in older, well developed areas of Prince Albert. There are different ways of tackling your drain replacement.

This is where Mr. Plumber's friendly technicians come prepared with modern technology and equipment to handle this for you. Whether it’s the traditional open-cut method requiring a backhoe or trenchless repairs involving pipe re-lining, we're equipped to for your replacement or installation.

Sewer Care &

Over time drains build up with hair, soap scum, makeup, etc. and need to be professionally cleaned. Some folks may use ‘drain cleaners’ to try and temporarily solve the problem but, believe it or not, it can actually cause more harm than good. It can erode pipes and weaken drain lines.

Not only are toxic chemicals poured down the drain, waste is also flushed into the water system that should be disposed in other ways. As these chemicals are harmful to our waters, we’d prefer to use safer and a more efficient approach in your home or business.

Clogged Toilets,
Sinks, Bathtubs
& Shower Repairs

Clogged Toilets, Sinks,
Bathtubs & Shower Repairs

Clogged drains and plumbing can be caused by a wide variety of different substances that eventually buildup in the trap or drainpipe. If you have a clogged toilet, sink, bathtub, or shower, our drainage services can help remove the problem, restoring the drain or pipe to optimal working condition.

& Local Drain

Professional & Local
Drain Services

Whether you are having drainage issues at your home or business our team of licensed plumbers can help. If you are living in Prince Albert, the Lakelands, or surrounding area and are looking for reliable plumbing services, please contact 306-763-8389 or fill out our online contact form.

Drain Cleaning, 
Repairs & 

Drain Cleaning, Repairs  
& Replacements

Sewer and drain lines can face a wide range of problems such as: broken pipes, blockage, corrosion, and leaking joints. If your pipes have become damaged or blocked and you are looking to have your sewer and drainage lines cleaned, repaired, or replaced, our team of licensed plumbers can help.

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