Serving Prince Albert and area since 1987

HVAC is not a side line for us. We service, repair, and replace all makes, models, and types of HVAC equipment. From your home bath fans to HRVs and ERVs, from commercial air handlers to roof top units, we do it all.

Is your old Roof Top Unit ready to dance its way to the ground? Are your utility bills and repair costs eating away your bottom line? Call or contact us and ask about the option of replacing your existing roof top unit with a new York energy efficient, long lasting, and industry leading warranty installed by factory trained technicians.

Moving walls, adding that extra room or office? Don't forget the HVAC. We've seen more homes and buildings with extensive renovations that, forgot about or didn't know any better, and didn't upgrade the HVAC system. Without a proper HVAC system, your temperature, air quality and control of these items can turn into serious and expensive problems. Give us a call or contact us to set up an appointment and we can get started restoring comfortable temperatures good air quality to your home or business.