Serving Prince Albert and area since 1987

What is included in the service rate?

Our service rate is very simple, it covers all required labor per man per hour and include what other companies may not like truck charges, first hour on site, administration charges and overhead. Our rates are broken down in half hour increments after the first hour.

Why should we use Mr. Plumber?

At Mr. Plumber we are always training our staff on new technologies and equipment. We believe that our industry, with its rapid changes, is always evolving. By providing continuous training we are able to provide a highly skilled labor source to look after your every need. We are not just parts changers that eventually get lucky and find the problem. You may only see one or two individuals on site but rest assured that they come backed with 100s of years of experience and training behind them.

All of the projects, service calls, renovations and all sizes of contract projects that we have done in almost 30, we are proud to have our name on all of them. It's with this type of pride of workmanship that you can expect. No matter how small or large your project is you can count on us, the quality will be everything you expected and more.

I’ve had other companies in the past perform work and now I can’t reach them when I need them.

Mr. Plumber has been doing business in the Prince Albert and surrounding areas for almost 30 years. We have always had an office with regular hours of operation and will continue to do so should you need to see us in person. We have an extensive list of customers that call on us on a regular basis for all their requirements; it's with this type of repeat business that we know we are looking after our customers as they should be looked after.

When we decided to start our business in 1987 we had the philosophy that we would provide a good job for a fair dollar and planned on been around for a long time. We will be here tomorrow and for many years after. You can count us.

Will the work be done to code? Will it be done correctly?

We have over our almost 30 years of operating created a good name for our company with all the different Inspections and Governing Bodies within our Provincial, Municipal and Civic departments that we are required to with like: Gas Safety, Prince Albert Parkland Health Region (plumbing inspections), TSASK (boiler and pressure vessels), etc. We have the belief of doing it once and doing it right. We triple check when we're done and only then have really completed the project.

With our continuous training provided to our staff you know they are current in all aspects of the work we do. We are strong advocates in our industry and are involved in many provincial and national boards, by our involvement in these boards, we show that we care about our industry and are concerned about our quality work, compliance to the governing codes and the safety of our customers and our employees.

Are you insured?

Yes we are. We carry over 5 Million dollars of liability and general insurance. All of our company owned vehicles, tools and equipment are insured and maintained in good working order and inspected on a regular basis to prevent any accidents that may be caused by poor or malfunctioning conditions.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We offer the convenience of Visa, Master Card, Cash and Debit; we will also accept cheques from pre-approved customers. For major purchases we also offer easy, competitive and fast finance options (OAC).

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, we guarantee the quality workmanship for a period of one year. All equipment, parts and materials that we use are warranted by the manufacturer's warranty. We cannot warranty something we did not make.

Are you members of the SaskEnergy Network Membership?

Yes we are and have been for almost 15 years. By been a SaskEnergy Network Member be are able to provide numerous benefits to our Residential and Commercial customers. Please visit the SaskEnergy website for all the current programs that ore offered throughout the year.

I just received my water bill and it was twice the normal amount, what could be causing this?

A dripping tap or running toilet is usually the cause of most high water bills. The running toilet will go unnoticed sometime for months and only noticed when you get your high water bill. We recommend that you check all your plumbing fixtures and have them serviced and repaired as soon as you notice a leak or drip.